My name is Richard Ngo. I'm a research engineer on the AI safety team at DeepMind, doing technical research on how to reduce the risks posed by advanced artificial intelligence. I recently finished a masters in Computer Science at Cambridge, specialising in machine learning; as an undergrad, I also studied philosophy. (Note that all posts are my own opinions and don't represent those of my employer.)

I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand; I had also lived in Vietnam and America before moving to the UK. I spend my free time dancing, playing ice hockey, and debating, amongst other hobbies. I'm involved in Effective Altruism and plan to donate at least 10% of my income to effective charities. I enjoy board games (particularly Go) and puzzles. If you want to chat about any of my posts, or indeed anything else, feel free to contact me at ngor (at google dot com).

If you don't know where to start reading, have a look at my posts on the All Souls examinations and philosophy of death (my two most popular so far), or else this index of all my posts by topic.

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